What we do

At its simplest, we offer enhanced primary care services to the population of Islington.

Our Community ENT service offers Islington patients fast and efficient community based ear, nose and throat treatments whilst our Community Gynaecology service is available to the patients of both Islington and Haringey in three convenient locations spread across both boroughs.

Our I:HUB service, meanwhile, offers patients access to a full range of GP and nurse primary care services through to 8pm every weekday and between 8am and 8pm at weekends.

But we go much further than that.

Our Care Closer to Home Networks (CHINs) are doing some transformational work for patients with rising levels of frailty, long term conditions or severe mental illness, whilst our Quality Improvement Support Teams (QISTs) are working hard to identify and reduce variations in care across the borough by interrogating data and offering highly targeted interventions to individual patients. You can meet the team *here*.

Finally, we are constantly searching for ways to support the resilience of our member practices. From our bespoke “superadmin” and “signposting” training programmes through to our practice based pharmacists and housebound flu campaign, we are working hard to improve outcomes for patients and giving our GPs the time and space to focus on their care.