Our I:HUB service was one of the first services of its kind in the country and was formed after a successful bid for funds from David Cameron’s “Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund” back in 2015. In fact, we have often been used by NHS England as a template for the development of an extended access GP offering and we are very proud to have been at the leading edge of 8am – 8pm service provision.

Now fully commissioned by Islington CCG, we have, from the outset, deliberately kept rules and restrictions to a minimum. Quite simply, we offer a full GP service – everything you would get from your regular GP – only we do it through to 8pm each weekday evening and from 8am – 8pm at weekends.

We operate out of three convenient locations across the borough (Laycock Street, Richie Street and Hornsey Road) and offer a mixture of pre-bookable and on the day appointments with local GPs and nurses who, with the patient’s consent, have seamless electronic access to their detailed medical records. Practice telephones are diverted to the I:HUB call centre so patients need only dial their usual practice number to access the service.

Notes, referrals, prescriptions and other details from the consultation are then fed back electronically to the home practice.

Put simply, we are replicating the usual “in hours” service “out of hours”. Nothing more, nothing less. Local GPs, local nurses and fully integrated technology.

Click here for more information on the team or visit the I:HUB website.

The clinical leads for the service are Dr Bengi Beyzade and Dr John McGrath and it is provided on the ground by local GPs and nurses on a sessional basis.