Resilience & General Practice at Scale

Relying heavily on the support of our Quality Improvement teams, this function delivers key interventions to patients across practices, primary care networks and indeed borough-wide.

Our D-QIST project, through which we focused right down to individual patient level, is a good example of this. Using high quality data analytics, we have systematically improved the three key patient measures within our diabetic population (HbA1c, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol).

In a similar vein, we are tackling flu take up rates through co-ordinated call/recall campaigns focusing specifically on patients who have not had the jab over the past two years and using a multi-channel “FAQ/mythbuster” type approach. We also co-ordinate the flu vaccinations for housebound patients across the borough.

We also provide a number services to improve resilience at practice level.

Our bespoke “Superadmin” and “Signposting” training is designed to relieve pressure on GPs by reducing inapropriate contacts and giving them the time and space to focus on the patients under their care whilst the “Bluestream Academy” training package we have sourced provides practices with access to key online training modules.

Meanwhile, our work with the QMasters software is providing practices with bespoke, SNOMED compliant, templates, alerts and searches which support both local and national enhanced services and QOF targets.

We also offer practices the services of a fully GDPR compliant Data Protection Officer.